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Titan 4B launches Milstar
Updated: Wed, Jan 16 8:13 AM ET (1313 GMT)
Originally Posted: Tue, Jan 15 9:13 PM ET (0213 GMT)
A Titan 4B lifted off Tuesday evening on a mission to place a military communications satellite into orbit. The Titan 4B lifted off at 7:...

Intelsat signs launch deals with ILS, Sea Launch
Posted: Tue, Jan 15 8:45 PM ET (0145 GMT)
Intelsat announced Tuesday that it has signed agreements with International Launch Services and Boeing to launch the next generation of its communications satellites. Under the...

ISS crew completes spacewalk
Posted: Tue, Jan 15 8:50 AM ET (1350 GMT)
Two members of the International Space Station's Expedition Four crew successfully completed a spacewalk outside the station Monday. Cosmonaut Yuri Onufrienko and astronaut Carl...

News briefs: January 14
Posted: Tue, Jan 15 7:59 AM ET (1259 GMT)
Russia plans to launch 21 rockets from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in 2002, Rosaviakosmos officials said Monday. Ten of the 21 will be commercial Proton launches,...

News briefs: January 12-13
Posted: Mon, Jan 14 9:00 AM ET (1400 GMT)
NASA may cut funding for research into advanced propulsion programs. A note on the web site for NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) program said...

Chandra reveals heart of Milky Way
Posted: Mon, Jan 14 8:46 AM ET (1346 GMT)
Images from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory have given astronomers a new look at the active center of the Milky Way galaxy, scientists recently reported....

Mars Odyssey finishes aerobraking
Posted: Sat, Jan 12 10:58 AM ET (1558 GMT)
NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft concluded the aerobraking phase of its mission Friday, maneuvering out of the atmosphere close to its final planned orbit. A...

News briefs: January 11
Posted: Sat, Jan 12 10:50 AM ET (1550 GMT)
Rosaviakosmos officials plan to discuss with new NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe the possibility of adding more Russian modules to the ISS, RIA Novosti reported...

News briefs: January 10
Posted: Fri, Jan 11 1:03 PM ET (1803 GMT)
South Korea is planning its first military satellite for launch in 2005, AFP reported this week. The Koreasat-5 spacecraft will be used for both...

Lockheed Martin Space Systems to cut 700 jobs
Posted: Fri, Jan 11 11:19 AM ET (1619 GMT)
Lockheed Martin Space Systems will cut 700 jobs in 2002 as the division accommodates changes in some of its key programs, the company announced Thursday....

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Kepler goes into safe mode as fuel runs low
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:43 AM ET (1343 GMT)

Inmarsat rejets EcoStar takeover bid
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:42 AM ET (1342 GMT)

Shuttle-era engine tested for DARPA spaceplane
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:41 AM ET (1341 GMT)

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