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Planet Labs raises $95 million
Posted: Wed, Jan 21 7:11 AM ET (1211 GMT)
Planet Labs, a company developing a fleet of small satellites to provide daily images of the entire Earth, announced a $95-million investment round Tuesday....

NASA releases new Dawn images of Ceres
Posted: Tue, Jan 20 7:44 AM ET (1244 GMT)
NASA released on Monday new images of Ceres taken by its Dawn spacecraft as it approaches the dwarf planet. The images, taken last week, are...

Reports: Google considering investment in SpaceX to support satellite system
Posted: Tue, Jan 20 7:27 AM ET (1227 GMT)
Google is reportedly considering a billion-dollar investment in SpaceX to support plans revealed recently by Elon Musk to develop a 4000-satellite constellation that...

SpaceX releases images and video of Falcon 9 stage landing attempt
Posted: Sat, Jan 17 9:15 AM ET (1415 GMT)
SpaceX released Friday images and video showing the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket attempting a landing on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean...

Mars orbiter images reveal Beagle 2 lander
Posted: Sat, Jan 17 9:04 AM ET (1404 GMT)
Images from a NASA spacecraft show that the UK's Beagle 2 lander, lost since it arrived at Mars in late 2003, did appear to...

Venture plans 650-satellite constellation for broadband communications
Posted: Fri, Jan 16 8:14 AM ET (1314 GMT)
A new company announced plans Thursday to deploy a fleet of nearly 650 satellites to provide global broadband Internet access, with the support of two...

ISS crew temporarily evacuates part of ISS due to false alarm
Posted: Thu, Jan 15 6:46 AM ET (1146 GMT)
The crew of the International Space Station sealed off the station's US segment for much of Wednesday after a computer glitch indicated a possible...

Federal judge orders mediation in SpaceX-Air Force suit
Posted: Wed, Jan 14 7:47 AM ET (1247 GMT)
A federal judge directed the US Air Force and SpaceX to begin mediation this month regarding an ongoing dispute about the block buy of launches...

NASA tests Shuttle-era engine for SLS
Posted: Wed, Jan 14 7:41 AM ET (1241 GMT)
NASA successfully tested an engine originally built for the Space Shuttle in a milestone for the development of the Space Launch System (SLS) heavy-lift...

Dragon arrives at ISS
Posted: Tue, Jan 13 7:43 AM ET (1243 GMT)
A Dragon cargo spacecraft carrying more than two tons of supplies arrived at the International Space Station on Monday. The Dragon spacecraft was grappled by...

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SpaceShipTwo reaches edge of space on latest test flight
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:38 PM ET (1738 GMT)

Russian cosmonauts perform arduous spacewalk to inspect Soyuz
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:36 PM ET (1736 GMT)

Voyager 2 enters interstellar space
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:35 PM ET (1735 GMT)

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Saturday, January 19
Joshua Sokol Wins David N. Schramm Science Journalism Award
American Astronomical Society — 5:06 pm ET (2206 GMT)

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