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Boeing slashes 1,050 jobs from satellite unit
Posted: Fri, Feb 22 8:53 AM ET (1353 GMT)
The Boeing Corporation announced Thursday that it was cutting 1,050 jobs from its satellite divisions, about 11 percent of its workforce. Boeing will cut...

News briefs: February 22
Posted: Fri, Feb 22 8:13 AM ET (1313 GMT)
There is "change in the air" for US military space efforts, Air Force undersecretary Peter Teets said this week. Teets, who leads military space efforts...

Atlas 3B maiden flight a success
Posted: Thu, Feb 21 11:04 AM ET (1604 GMT)
Lockheed Martin's Atlas 3B booster successfully carried out its maiden flight Thursday morning, launching a direct broadcasting satellite for EchoStar. The rocket lifted off...

Russia seeking bigger role in ISS
Posted: Thu, Feb 21 8:56 AM ET (1356 GMT)
The head of the Russian space agency Rosaviakosmos said Wednesday that Russia was considering a larger or even "leadership" role in the International Space Station...

News briefs: February 20
Posted: Thu, Feb 21 7:59 AM ET (1259 GMT)
Polish and American astronomers have discovered evidence for up to 42 extrasolar planets around stars near the center of the galaxy, reported Wednesday....

MirCorp confirms tourist flight talks with Lance Bass
Posted: Wed, Feb 20 6:50 PM ET (2350 GMT)
MirCorp announced Wednesday that it has entered negotiations with Lance Bass, a member of the pop group *NSYNC, regarding a potential tourist flight to the...

Astronauts complete ISS spacewalk
Posted: Wed, Feb 20 6:37 PM ET (2337 GMT)
Two American astronauts conducted a spacewalk outside the International Space Station on Wednesday. Carl Walz and Dan Bursch spent five hours and 47 minutes outside...

News briefs: February 19
Posted: Wed, Feb 20 7:41 AM ET (1241 GMT)
Mars may have experienced major floods as recently as 10 million years ago, University of Arizona scientists said Monday. They found evidence of floods associated...

Report: pop star to be next space tourist
Posted: Wed, Feb 20 12:28 AM ET (0528 GMT)
Lance Bass, a member of the pop group *NSYNC, will fly to the International Space Station this fall as the third commercial space tourist, according...

Mars program in "crisis mode"
Posted: Wed, Feb 20 12:16 AM ET (0516 GMT)
NASA's Mars exploration program is facing a "budget crisis" that could delay or cancel future sample return missions, according to a article...

news in brief
Atlas 5 launches SBIRS satellite
Posted: Sat, Jan 20 6:48 PM ET (2348 GMT)

Commercial crew providers may not be certified until 2020
Posted: Sat, Jan 20 6:46 PM ET (2346 GMT)

Long March 11 launches smallsats
Posted: Sat, Jan 20 6:44 PM ET (2344 GMT)

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