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Shenzhou 3 orbital module finishes "important mission"
Posted: Sun, Oct 13 11:55 AM ET (1555 GMT)
The orbital module of China's Shenzhou 3 spacecraft has completed its imaging tasks six months after launch, according to a Chinese media report. The...

Report: US communications satellite vulnerable to hacking
Posted: Sun, Oct 13 11:47 AM ET (1547 GMT)
Commercial communications satellites used by the US government could be disabled or otherwise compromised because of poor security procedures, according to a new report. The...

Small asteroid impact risk reduced
Posted: Sat, Oct 12 8:29 AM ET (1229 GMT)
Small asteroids are less numerous and thus less likely to collide with the Earth than previously thought, according to a new study. The research, reported...

Water found in Mars north polar regions
Posted: Sat, Oct 12 8:20 AM ET (1220 GMT)
Planetary scientists have confirmed that the north polar regions of Mars have similar deposits of water ice as previously seen in the south. Scientists announced...

Astronauts install ISS truss segment
Posted: Fri, Oct 11 8:47 AM ET (1247 GMT)
The crew of the space shuttle Atlantis, including two spacewalking astronauts, successfully installed a segment of the International Space Station's truss Thursday. Astronauts used...

FCC blocks Echostar-DirecTV merger
Posted: Fri, Oct 11 8:45 AM ET (1245 GMT)
The FCC moved Thursday to block Echostar's proposal to merge with DirecTV, forcing the companies to either substantially revise their merger plans or drop...

NASA, Defense Department plan greater cooperation
Posted: Fri, Oct 11 6:57 AM ET (1057 GMT)
NASA and the Defense Department (DoD) signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) this week that will permit greater cooperation between the two agencies on a...

Scientists: Pluto may be warming
Posted: Thu, Oct 10 8:48 AM ET (1248 GMT)
Planetary scientists analyzing recent observations of the planet Pluto now believe that the planet may be warming, and not cooling as previously thought. A team...

Atlantis docks with ISS
Posted: Wed, Oct 9 2:38 PM ET (1838 GMT)
The space shuttle Atlantis successfully docked with the International Space Station on schedule Wednesday morning. The shuttle docked with the Destiny module of the station...

Russian space tourism TV show planned
Posted: Wed, Oct 9 10:48 AM ET (1448 GMT)
A Russian television network, possibly in cooperation with an American producer, is planning a reality TV show whose winner would fly to space on a...

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Final Delta 2 launches ICESat-2
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:41 AM ET (1441 GMT)

Japanese ISS cargo mission launch scrubbed
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:40 AM ET (1440 GMT)

SpaceX to announce new plans for circumlunar trip
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 10:39 AM ET (1439 GMT)

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