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Satellite radio firm has IPO
Posted: Fri, Aug 5 7:26 AM ET (1126 GMT)
WorldSpace, the first commercial satellite radio company, completed an initial public offering (IPO) of its stock on Thursday, with shares rising during the first day...

Study: Titan's surface may be dry
Posted: Thu, Aug 4 7:41 AM ET (1141 GMT)
The surface of Saturn's moon Titan, once thought to harbor large lakes or seas of liquid hydrocarbons, may in fact be dry, according to...

China launches recoverable satellite
Posted: Thu, Aug 4 7:30 AM ET (1130 GMT)
A Long March rocket successfully launched this week a recoverable satellite said to contain a scientific payload. The Long March 2C booster lifted off from...

Gap fillers removed during spacewalk
Posted: Wed, Aug 3 11:28 PM ET (0328 GMT)
Astronaut Steve Robinson easily removed two protruding gap fillers from the underside of the space shuttle Discovery during a spacewalk Wednesday morning. Attached to the...

Engineers investigating damaged shuttle thermal blanket
Posted: Wed, Aug 3 8:43 AM ET (1243 GMT)
NASA shuttle managers said late Tuesday they are studying what appears to be a debris hit on a thermal blanket near the front windows of...

MESSENGER flies past Earth
Posted: Wed, Aug 3 8:30 AM ET (1230 GMT)
One year after launch, NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft flew past the Earth Tuesday en route to its final destination, Mercury. MESSENGER passed 2,347 km...

NASA plans gap filler repair after successful gyro work
Posted: Tue, Aug 2 5:32 AM ET (0932 GMT)
Hours after astronauts successfully replaced a gyroscope on the International Space Station, NASA officials said late Monday that spacewalkers would attempt repairs to "gap fillers"...

NASA considering gap filler repair
Posted: Mon, Aug 1 5:38 AM ET (0938 GMT)
NASA shuttle engineers and managers are considering having the STS-114 crew perform an additional spacewalk to repair two gap fillers that appear to be...

STS-114 mission extended a day
Posted: Sun, Jul 31 10:33 AM ET (1433 GMT)
NASA announced late Saturday that would extend the STS-114 shuttle mission by one day to allow the crew to perform additional work at the...

Cassini sees signs of volcanism on Enceladus
Posted: Sun, Jul 31 10:21 AM ET (1421 GMT)
Enceladus, a small, icy moon of Saturn, may surprisingly be volcanically active, scientists analyzing data from the Cassini mission announced Friday. Cassini detected a large...

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Falcon 9 launches Dragon to ISS
Posted: Sat, Dec 16 11:28 AM ET (1628 GMT)

Soyuz returns three ISS crewmembers to Earth
Posted: Sat, Dec 16 11:19 AM ET (1619 GMT)

Ariane 5 launches four Galileo satellites
Posted: Sat, Dec 16 11:14 AM ET (1614 GMT)

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Sunday, December 17
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