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China launches remote sensing satellite
Posted: Sun, Aug 28 6:32 AM ET (1032 GMT)
China launched a remote sensing satellite Tuesday night. A Long March 2D rocket launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 11:01 pm EDT (...

Kuaizhou-1A launches smallsat
Posted: Sun, Aug 28 6:31 AM ET (1031 GMT)
A Chinese rocket launched a small satellite Monday night. The Kuaizhou-1A small launch vehicle lifted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 10:...

NASA announces Artemis 3 candidate landing site regions
Posted: Sun, Aug 28 6:30 AM ET (1030 GMT)
NASA announced Aug. 19 it has selected 13 regions around the south pole of the moon as potential launching locations for Artemis 3. The regions,...

SpaceX launches Starlink satellites
Posted: Sun, Aug 28 6:29 AM ET (1029 GMT)
SpaceX launched another set of Starlink satellites Aug. 19. A Falcon 9 lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 3:21 pm EDT (1921 GMT)...

China launches reconnaissance satellites
Posted: Sun, Aug 28 6:28 AM ET (1028 GMT)
China launched three reconnaissance satellites Aug. 19. A Long March 2D launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 1:36 pm EDT (1736 GMT)...

SLS rolls out for Artemis 1 launch
Posted: Sun, Aug 21 11:17 AM ET (1517 GMT)
With the Space Launch System now at the pad, launch preparations for the Artemis 1 mission are entering their final phases. The SLS and Orion...

Russian cosmonauts end spacewalk early after suit battery problem
Posted: Sun, Aug 21 11:01 AM ET (1501 GMT)
Russian cosmonauts cut short a spacewalk outside the International Space Station Wednesday when one of them had a spacesuit battery problem. Oleg Artemyev was about...

D-Orbit cancels SPAC merger
Posted: Sun, Aug 21 10:56 AM ET (1456 GMT)
D-Orbit, an in-space transportation company, has terminated an agreement to go public through a SPAC. The company announced Aug. 12 that it and...

VP Harris calls for revision of commercial space regs
Posted: Sun, Aug 21 10:54 AM ET (1454 GMT)
Vice President Kamala Harris said Aug. 12 the government would work to revise "simply outdated" commercial space regulations. In a brief speech in Oakland, California,...

SpaceX launches polar Starlink satellites from Vandenberg
Posted: Sun, Aug 21 10:50 AM ET (1450 GMT)
SpaceX launched another set of Starlink satellites Aug. 12. A Falcon 9 lifted off from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California at 5:40 pm...

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Tropical storm delays next Artemis 1 launch attempt
Posted: Sun, Sep 25 8:56 AM ET (1256 GMT)

Soyuz delivers new crew to ISS
Posted: Sun, Sep 25 8:49 AM ET (1249 GMT)

Pentagon to phase out use of GEO missile warning satellites
Posted: Sun, Sep 25 8:46 AM ET (1246 GMT)

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Friday, September 30
SpaceX, NASA Study Raising Hubble Telescope to Higher Orbit
Bloomberg News — 7:02 am ET (1102 GMT)

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