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NASA plans upgrades to Deep Space Network
Posted: Tue, May 8 11:38 AM ET (1538 GMT)
NASA is planning to build a new antenna to help the Deep Space Network (DSN) deal with a "crunch period" of heavy communications traffic in...

SETI@home reaches 3 million users
Posted: Tue, May 8 9:34 AM ET (1334 GMT)
SETI@home, a distributed computing project to look for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations, passed the three million user milestone Monday. The identity of the three...

X-40A completes fourth NASA drop test
Posted: Mon, May 7 9:36 AM ET (1336 GMT)
The X-40A experimental vehicle completed the fourth in a series of NASA-run drop tests Saturday. The vehicle was dropped from a helicopter 4,...

Countdown begins for second XM Satellite launch
Posted: Sun, May 6 6:32 PM ET (2232 GMT)
The countdown began late Saturday for the launch this week of the second of two XM Satellite Radio spacecraft. The multinational Sea Launch consortium announced...

Tito returns safely to Earth
Posted: Sun, May 6 10:00 AM ET (1400 GMT)
A Soyuz spacecraft carrying space tourist Dennis Tito and two Russian cosmonauts safely landed in Kazakhstan early Sunday. The Soyuz TM-31 spacecraft touched down...

Tito, Soyuz leave ISS
Posted: Sun, May 6 12:22 AM ET (0422 GMT)
California businessman Dennis Tito ended his controversial visit to the International Space Station late Saturday when he and two Russian cosmonauts departed the station in...

Goldin bashes Tito, praises Cameron
Posted: Thu, May 3 11:33 AM ET (1533 GMT)
NASA administrator Dan Goldin sharply criticized Dennis Tito Wednesday for taking his trip to the International Space Station over the agency's objections, and said...

Pioneer 10 alive, well, and returning data
Posted: Thu, May 3 11:08 AM ET (1508 GMT)
NASA has restored contact with the distant Pioneer 10 spacecraft and believe the distant probe is still returning data, project officials said this week. Signals...

Endeavour lands in California
Posted: Tue, May 1 1:21 PM ET (1721 GMT)
The space shuttle Endeavour successfully landed in California Tuesday after weather forced the shuttle to divert from a planned Florida landing. Endeavour touched down at...

Poor weather diverts Endeavour to California
Posted: Tue, May 1 9:55 AM ET (1355 GMT)
Bad weather at the Kennedy Space Center has forced NASA to divert the space shuttle Endeavour to California for a landing later Tuesday. A combination...

news in brief
Atlas 5 launches GOES-S weather satellite
Posted: Sat, Mar 3 2:11 PM ET (1911 GMT)

GAO warns of more JWST delays
Posted: Sat, Mar 3 2:08 PM ET (1908 GMT)

Soyuz returns crew to Earth
Posted: Sat, Mar 3 2:03 PM ET (1903 GMT)

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