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Solar sail launch date set
Posted: Tue, May 24 8:33 AM ET (1233 GMT)
The Planetary Society announced Monday that it will launch Cosmos 1, its solar sail spacecraft, next month from a Russian submarine. Launch of Cosmos 1...

Proton launches DirecTV satellite
Posted: Mon, May 23 8:03 AM ET (1203 GMT)
A Russian Proton booster successfully launched a new broadcasting satellite for DirecTV late Sunday. The Proton M lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan...

Report: ESA may cooperate with Russia on manned spacecraft
Posted: Sun, May 22 7:15 AM ET (1115 GMT)
The European Space Agency (ESA) is considering a proposal to cooperate with Russia on the development of a new manned spacecraft that could give ESA...

Proton launch of commercial satellite delayed
Posted: Sun, May 22 7:05 AM ET (1105 GMT)
The launch of a commercial satellite on a Proton rocket was postponed one day Saturday because of a technical problem. The Proton M was scheduled...

NASA tests shuttle external tank
Posted: Sat, May 21 6:49 AM ET (1049 GMT)
NASA officials pronounced Friday's fueling test of the space shuttle external tank a success, but still need to examine the data to see if...

Delta 2 launches weather satellite
Posted: Sat, May 21 6:41 AM ET (1041 GMT)
After over a week's worth of delays, a Delta 2 successfully launched a polar-orbiting weather satellite Friday morning. The Boeing Delta 2 7320...

ISS to shift to backup oxygen supply
Posted: Fri, May 20 6:13 AM ET (1013 GMT)
The failure of an oxygen generator on the International Space Station will force the crew to switch to a backup oxygen generator system next week,...

NASA announces new prize competition
Posted: Fri, May 20 6:07 AM ET (1007 GMT)
NASA announced Thursday a prize competition to develop technology that can extract oxygen from lunar soil. The Moon Regolith Oxygen, or MoonROx, competition offers $250,...

Stuck Mars rover makes progress
Posted: Wed, May 18 8:23 AM ET (1223 GMT)
The Mars rover Opportunity, stick for weeks in a sand dune, is making gradual progress to extricate itself, mission officials said. The rover got stuck...

Astrium wins Korean satellite contract
Posted: Wed, May 18 8:16 AM ET (1216 GMT)
EADS Astrium announced Tuesday that it has won a contract to built a multi-purpose Korean satellite. Astrium will build the COMS satellite for the...

news in brief
Soyuz docks with ISS
Posted: Sun, Jun 10 11:12 AM ET (1512 GMT)

Curiosity detects organic molecules and methane cycle on Mars
Posted: Sun, Jun 10 11:10 AM ET (1510 GMT)

Northrop Grumman completes acquisition of Orbital ATK
Posted: Sun, Jun 10 11:09 AM ET (1509 GMT)

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