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Atlas launches NRO satellite
Posted: Thu, Oct 11 9:43 AM ET (1343 GMT)
An Atlas 2 booster successfully launched a classified satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office Wednesday night. The Atlas 2AS, codenamed "Aquila", lifted off from Cape...

News briefs: October 9
Posted: Wed, Oct 10 12:11 AM ET (0411 GMT)
China is planning an unmanned mission to the Moon, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported Tuesday. The report quoted Chinese National Space Administration chief Luan...

News briefs: October 8
Posted: Tue, Oct 9 9:48 AM ET (1348 GMT)
A new US Defense Department report recommends a increased use of space, as well as measured to deny access to space future enemies. The Quadrennial...

Cosmonauts perform spacewalk outside ISS
Posted: Mon, Oct 8 7:28 PM ET (2328 GMT)
Two Russian cosmonauts successfully completed a five-hour spacewalk outside the International Space Station Monday. Cosmonauts Vladimir Dezhurov and Mikhail Turin opened the hatch on...

Proton launches Russian military communications satellite
Posted: Sun, Oct 7 11:31 AM ET (1531 GMT)
A Proton rocket launched a Russian military communications satellite Saturday. The Proton lifted off from Baikonur, Kazakhstan at 12:45 pm EDT (1645 GMT) and...

Astronomers discover infant galaxy
Posted: Sun, Oct 7 11:19 AM ET (1519 GMT)
A team of astronomers announced Friday that they have found a distant galaxy in the process of forming, a key discovery in efforts to understand...

News briefs: October 5
Posted: Sat, Oct 6 12:24 PM ET (1624 GMT)
As expected, NASA decided Friday not to inspect the orbital maneuvering engine pods on the shuttle Endeavour. Problems with misshapen boltholes on the shuttle Columbia...

Titan 4 launches classified military satellite
Posted: Fri, Oct 5 6:59 PM ET (2259 GMT)
A Titan 4B booster sucecssfully launched a classified military payload late Friday. The Titan 4B lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, at 5:...

Space tourist may not fly to ISS next year
Posted: Fri, Oct 5 3:42 PM ET (1942 GMT)
A South African entrepreneur who was reportedly set to be the next commercial space tourist may be denied his flight on a Soyuz mission next...

Galileo flies through volcanic plume above Io
Posted: Fri, Oct 5 3:17 PM ET (1917 GMT)
NASA's Galileo spacecraft flew through the tenuous plume of a previously-unknown volcano on the Jovian moon Io earlier this year, scientists reported Thursday....

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"Monster" planet puzzles astronomers
Posted: Sun, Nov 5 10:14 AM ET (1514 GMT)

Chairman of House Science Committee to retire
Posted: Sun, Nov 5 10:13 AM ET (1513 GMT)

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