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OneWeb raises $500 million to fully fund constellation
Posted: Wed, Jun 30 6:45 PM ET (2245 GMT)
OneWeb has secured the funding it needs to complete its initial constellation after Bharti Global invested an additional $500 million. The new investment, a call...

Soyuz launches Progress cargo spacecraft to ISS
Posted: Wed, Jun 30 6:41 PM ET (2241 GMT)
A Progress cargo spacecraft is on its way to the International Space Station after a launch Tuesday evening. A Soyuz-2.1a rocket lifted off...

Venus clouds may be too dry to support life
Posted: Wed, Jun 30 6:33 PM ET (2233 GMT)
The clouds of Venus may be too dry to support life. Potential detections of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus suggested that life could exist...

Spacewalking astronauts wrap up solar panel installation
Posted: Wed, Jun 30 6:31 PM ET (2231 GMT)
Two astronauts completed the deployment of a solar array on the International Space Station during a spacewalk Friday. Shane Kimbrough and Thomas Pesquet spent six...

Russia launches reconnaissance satellite
Posted: Wed, Jun 30 6:29 PM ET (2229 GMT)
Russia launched the first in a new generation of reconnaissance satellites Friday. A Soyuz-2.1b rocket lifted off from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern...

EU and ESA sign partnership agreement
Posted: Thu, Jun 24 7:16 PM ET (2316 GMT)
An agreement between the EU and ESA signed Tuesday marked a "fresh start" between the two organizations. The Financial Framework Partnership Agreement governs cooperation between...

Iran orbital launch fails
Posted: Thu, Jun 24 7:16 PM ET (2316 GMT)
The Defense Department confirmed that Iran suffered a launch failure earlier this month but appears to be preparing for another launch. Analysis of commercial satellite...

Ex-Im finances SpaceX launch deal
Posted: Thu, Jun 24 7:15 PM ET (2315 GMT)
The Ex-Im Bank has financed its first space deal in six years. The U.S. export credit agency announced Monday it secured $80.7...

Computer problem takes Hubble offline
Posted: Thu, Jun 24 7:14 PM ET (2314 GMT)
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has been offline for a week because of a computer problem. A payload computer, which controls operations of the telescope'...

Astronauts conduct second spacewalk to install solar arrays
Posted: Thu, Jun 24 7:12 PM ET (2312 GMT)
Astronauts completed the installation of one new solar panel on the International Space Station and started work on a second during a spacewalk Sunday. Shane...

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ISS loses attitude control after Russian module docks
Posted: Sat, Jul 31 10:22 AM ET (1422 GMT)

Rocket Lab returns Electron to flight with Space Force launch
Posted: Sat, Jul 31 10:17 AM ET (1417 GMT)

China launches imaging satellite
Posted: Sat, Jul 31 10:11 AM ET (1411 GMT)

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