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Progress docks with ISS
Posted: Wed, May 23 8:18 AM ET (1218 GMT)
A Russian Progress cargo spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station Tuesday evening. The spacecraft docked automatically with the orbiting facility at 8:24pm...

Galileo ready for last Callisto flyby
Posted: Tue, May 22 3:18 PM ET (1918 GMT)
NASA is preparing for the Galileo spacecraft's final and closest flyby of Jupiter's moon Callisto on Friday. Galileo will pass just 123 km...

Soyuz launches Progress cargo spacecraft for ISS
Posted: Mon, May 21 1:07 PM ET (1707 GMT)
A Russian Soyuz booster successfully launched a Progress spacecraft carrying supplies for the International Space Station late Sunday. The Soyuz lifted off from Baikonur at...

X-40A completes test flights
Posted: Mon, May 21 11:16 AM ET (1516 GMT)
The X-40A experimental vehicle completed its NASA-run series of test flights with a seventh and final drop test on Saturday. The X-40A...

Delta 2 launches experimental military satellite
Posted: Fri, May 18 4:58 PM ET (2058 GMT)
A Boeing Delta 2 successfully launched an experimental military spacecraft Friday afternoon. The Delta 2 lifted off from Pad 17B at Cape Canaveral Air Force...

Report: Energia considering Soyuz tourist flights
Posted: Fri, May 18 12:55 PM ET (1655 GMT)
Russian aerospace company Energia is considering selling flights on Soyuz spacecraft to would-be space tourists, CNN and reported Thursday. The reports said...

NASA announces $767 million in SLI contract awards
Posted: Thu, May 17 7:08 PM ET (2308 GMT)
NASA announced Thursday that it awarded contracts worth up to $767 million to 22 companies and universities as the first major step in the agency'...

Gas spheres from star puzzle astronomers
Posted: Thu, May 17 10:04 AM ET (1404 GMT)
Astronomers reported Wednesday that a young star is ejecting spheres of gas in a manner not predicted by any model of star formation. Data collected...

X-40A drop tests wind down
Posted: Thu, May 17 9:50 AM ET (1350 GMT)
A series of drop tests of the X-40A approached its conclusion Wednesday with the sixth successful drop test of the experimental vehicle. The X-...

Technical issue delays Delta launch one day
Posted: Wed, May 16 3:40 PM ET (1940 GMT)
Replacement of a potentially faulty set of hoses has delayed Thursday's launch of an experimental military satellite on a Delta 2 by one day....

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Soyuz sends new crew to ISS
Posted: Tue, Dec 4 5:06 PM ET (2206 GMT)

NASA selects winners in CLPS competition
Posted: Tue, Dec 4 5:04 PM ET (2204 GMT)

Rocket launches Russian military satellites
Posted: Tue, Dec 4 5:02 PM ET (2202 GMT)

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Sunday, December 9
Japan-India 'Space Dialogue' to include surveillance sharing
Nikkei Asian Review — 7:13 am ET (1213 GMT)

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