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New Horizons takes new images of Pluto
Posted: Thu, Feb 5 6:15 AM ET (1115 GMT)
NASA released Wednesday new images of Pluto and its largest moon taken by the New Horizons missions, the first from the spacecraft since it began...

White House seeks $18.5 billion for NASA in 2016
Posted: Tue, Feb 3 7:05 AM ET (1205 GMT)
The White House released its fiscal year 2016 budget request on Monday, including $18.5 billion for NASA to primarily continue its set of ongoing...

Iran launches small satellite
Posted: Tue, Feb 3 6:55 AM ET (1155 GMT)
In its first launch in 2012, an Iranian Safir rocket placed a small remote sensing satellite into orbit that will perform remote imaging, the country'...

Proton launches Inmarsat satellite
Posted: Mon, Feb 2 6:37 AM ET (1137 GMT)
A Proton rocket successfully launched the second in a new series of communications satellites for Inmarsat on Sunday. The Proton M rocket lifted off from...

H-2A launches Japanese reconnaissance satellite
Posted: Sun, Feb 1 9:09 AM ET (1409 GMT)
A Japanese H-2A rocket launched a spare reconnaissance satellite Sunday. The H-2A lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center at 8:21 pm...

Delta 2 launches SMAP
Posted: Sat, Jan 31 1:03 PM ET (1803 GMT)
A Delta 2 rocket successfully placed a NASA Earth sciences satellite into orbit Saturday morning. The Delta 2 7320 lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force...

Revised analysis rules out detection of gravitational waves
Posted: Sat, Jan 31 9:09 AM ET (1409 GMT)
A joint analysis of data from a groundbased telescope and a European spacecraft has ruled out the detection of primordial gravitational waves that a team...

Delta 2 SMAP launch postponed to Saturday
Posted: Fri, Jan 30 7:19 AM ET (1219 GMT)
After a one-day delay due to weather, NASA and United Launch Alliance have delayed the Delta 2 launch of an Earth sciences satellite an...

Air Forces cancels competition for EELV-class launch
Posted: Fri, Jan 30 7:10 AM ET (1210 GMT)
The US Air Force canceled a competition between SpaceX and United Launch Alliance for the launch of a classified satellite this week, awarding the launch...

Winds postpone Delta 2 launch a day
Posted: Thu, Jan 29 9:37 PM ET (0237 GMT)
High upper level winds forced launch controllers to postpone the launch of a NASA Earth sciences satellite by a day. The Delta 2 7320 was...

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Soyuz upper stage issue may delay first OneWeb launch
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:34 AM ET (1534 GMT)

SSL backs out of satellite servicing program with DARPA
Posted: Sat, Feb 2 10:31 AM ET (1531 GMT)

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