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Ariane 5 suffers anomaly during launch of communications satellites
Posted: Sun, Jan 28 10:44 AM ET (1544 GMT)
An Ariane 5 suffered an anomaly during its launch Thursday, but still placed its two satellites into orbit. The Ariane 5 lifted off on schedule...

White House budget proposal reportedly seeks ISS end in mid-2020s
Posted: Sun, Jan 28 10:42 AM ET (1542 GMT)
The White House's proposed 2019 budget may seek to end the International Space Station in the mid-2020s. A leaked version of the draft...

China launches fourth trio of reconnaissance satellites
Posted: Sun, Jan 28 10:41 AM ET (1541 GMT)
China launched another trio of reconnaissance satellites Thursday. The Long March 2C lifted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 12:40 am EST (...

SpaceX performs static fire test of Falcon Heavy
Posted: Sun, Jan 28 10:39 AM ET (1539 GMT)
SpaceX carried out a static-fire test of its Falcon Heavy rocket Wednesday, setting up a launch attempt in the near future. The test firing...

Google Lunar X Prize ends without winner
Posted: Sun, Jan 28 10:38 AM ET (1538 GMT)
The organization running the Google Lunar X Prize said Tuesday none of the remaining teams in the competition would launch before the prize's March...

Astronauts replace hand on ISS robotic arm during spacewalk
Posted: Sun, Jan 28 10:37 AM ET (1537 GMT)
Astronauts successfully completed a spacewalk outside the International Space Station Tuesday to replace a hand on the station's robotic arm. Mark Vande Hei and...

Rocket Lab successfully launches Electron
Posted: Sun, Jan 28 10:36 AM ET (1536 GMT)
Rocket Lab's Electron rocket reached orbit for the first time after a launch January 20. The Electron launched from the company's site in...

Atlas 5 launches SBIRS satellite
Posted: Sat, Jan 20 6:48 PM ET (2348 GMT)
A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 successfully launched the fourth in a series of missile warning satellites Friday night. The Atlas 5 411 lifted off...

Commercial crew providers may not be certified until 2020
Posted: Sat, Jan 20 6:46 PM ET (2346 GMT)
The GAO said Wednesday commercial crew vehicles may not be certified until early 2020, risking a gap in NASA's access to the space station....

Long March 11 launches smallsats
Posted: Sat, Jan 20 6:44 PM ET (2344 GMT)
China launched six small satellites on a Long March 11 Friday. The rocket lifted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 11:10 pm...

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Soyuz sends new crew to ISS
Posted: Tue, Dec 4 5:06 PM ET (2206 GMT)

NASA selects winners in CLPS competition
Posted: Tue, Dec 4 5:04 PM ET (2204 GMT)

Rocket launches Russian military satellites
Posted: Tue, Dec 4 5:02 PM ET (2202 GMT)

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