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Abbey reassigned to NASA HQ; Estess new JSC director
Updated: Sat, Feb 24 10:41 AM ET (1541 GMT)
Originally Posted: Fri, Feb 23 10:22 PM ET (0322 GMT)
In a somewhat surprising move, NASA announced late Friday that Johnson Space Center (JSC) director George Abbey has been appointed to NASA Headquarters as Senior...

ISS crew completes "Soyuz shuffle"
Posted: Sat, Feb 24 9:59 AM ET (1459 GMT)
The three-man crew of the International Space Station moved a Soyuz spacecraft from one docking port to another during a brief flight early Saturday....

It's official: NEAR mission extended through end of month
Posted: Fri, Feb 23 12:45 PM ET (1745 GMT)
After a false alarm late Thursday, NEAR project officials confirmed Friday morning that the spacecraft's mission on the surface of the asteroid Eros will...

Impacts responsible for rise and demise of dinosaurs
Posted: Fri, Feb 23 12:34 PM ET (1734 GMT)
Scientists now believe that not only did an asteroid impact 65 million years ago wipe out the dinosaurs, a similar large impact 250 million years...

NEAR mission extension reports false
Updated: Thu, Feb 22 9:58 PM ET (0258 GMT)
Originally Posted: Thu, Feb 22 6:26 PM ET (2326 GMT)
Reports that NEAR Shoemaker's mission would be extended several days have turned out to be incorrect, has learned. A report published on...

Project official: no concern about Stardust thrusters
Posted: Wed, Feb 21 9:17 PM ET (0217 GMT)
The project manager of NASA's Stardust mission said there are no worries about a minor thruster problem with the spacecraft that was recently reported....

Unhappy 15th birthday for Mir
Posted: Wed, Feb 21 2:26 PM ET (1926 GMT)
Russians marked the 15th anniversary of the launch of the core module of the Mir space station Tuesday as some lawmakers and others made a...

Shuttle lands at Edwards
Updated: Tue, Feb 20 10:34 PM ET (0334 GMT)
Originally Posted: Tue, Feb 20 4:43 PM ET (2143 GMT)
The space shuttle Atlantis successfully landed Tuesday afternoon at Edwards Air Force Base in California after two extra days in orbit caused by poor weather....

NASA opts for Edwards shuttle landing
Updated: Tue, Feb 20 1:48 PM ET (1848 GMT)
Originally Posted: Tue, Feb 20 11:40 AM ET (1640 GMT)
NASA shuttle managers decided Tuesday to land the shuttle Atlantis at Edwards Air Force Base in California after poor weather conditions persisted at the Kennedy...

Start-1 launches Swedish Odin spacecraft
Posted: Tue, Feb 20 11:27 AM ET (1627 GMT)
A former Russian ICBM successfully launched a Swedish scientific satellite early Tuesday. The Start-1 booster lifted off at 3:48 am EST (0848 GMT)...

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SpaceShipTwo reaches edge of space on latest test flight
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:38 PM ET (1738 GMT)

Russian cosmonauts perform arduous spacewalk to inspect Soyuz
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:36 PM ET (1736 GMT)

Voyager 2 enters interstellar space
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:35 PM ET (1735 GMT)

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Wednesday, January 23
Rocket Lab to launch satellite for US defence agency
Radio New Zealand — 7:06 am ET (1206 GMT)

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