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Proton launches three navigation satellites
Posted: Sun, Dec 2 11:15 PM ET (0415 GMT)
A Proton booster launched three Russian navigation satellites on Saturday. The Proton lifted off from Baikonur, Kazakhstan at 1:04 pm EST (1804 GMT) and...

Shuttle launch delayed until Tuesday, ISS EVA on Monday
Posted: Fri, Nov 30 9:29 PM ET (0229 GMT)
The launch of the space shuttle Endeavour has been delayed until Tuesday, after an EVA on Monday by two members of the ISS crew to...

NASA selects Pluto mission design
Posted: Thu, Nov 29 9:39 PM ET (0239 GMT)
NASA announced late Thursday that it has selected a design for a spacecraft mission to Pluto for further study, but cautioned that funding for such...

Progress docking problem delays shuttle launch
Posted: Thu, Nov 29 9:32 PM ET (0232 GMT)
The launch of the space shuttle Endeavour has been delayed at least until Friday while engineers study an incident where a Progress spacecraft failed to...

News briefs: November 28
Posted: Thu, Nov 29 8:48 AM ET (1348 GMT)
Orbital Sciences Corporation announced Wednesday that it has won a contract from PanAmSat to build two small GEO communications satellites. The order for two STAR-...

Possible problems with Progress docking
Posted: Wed, Nov 28 10:54 PM ET (0354 GMT)
A Progress cargo spacecraft may not have firmly docked with the International Space Station Wednesday, a situation that could delay Thursday's launch of the...

Huygens passes communications test
Posted: Wed, Nov 28 10:13 AM ET (1513 GMT)
ESA and NASA engineers said Tuesday that they believe that Huygens will be able to meet all its scientific objectives after the probe passed a...

News briefs: November 27
Posted: Wed, Nov 28 9:52 AM ET (1452 GMT)
NASA released images Tuesday of moving eruptions and lava lakes on the surface of Jupiter's volcanic moon Io. The images were taken by the...

Astronomers discover atmosphere around exoplanet
Posted: Tue, Nov 27 6:01 PM ET (2301 GMT)
Astronomers announced Tuesday that they have for the first time detected an atmosphere around an extrasolar planet. Observations of the star HD 209458 by a...

Countdown begins for shuttle launch
Posted: Tue, Nov 27 1:49 PM ET (1849 GMT)
The countdown for Thursday night's launch of the shuttle Endeavour started on schedule Monday night. Endeavour is scheduled to launch on mission STS-108...

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Kepler goes into safe mode as fuel runs low
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:43 AM ET (1343 GMT)

Inmarsat rejets EcoStar takeover bid
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:42 AM ET (1342 GMT)

Shuttle-era engine tested for DARPA spaceplane
Posted: Sun, Jul 8 9:41 AM ET (1341 GMT)

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