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Rockot launches four small satellites
Posted: Thu, Apr 2 10:21 AM ET (1421 GMT)
A Russian Rockot vehicles placed four small satellites into orbit Tuesday. The Rockot lifted off from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia at 9:48...

China launches next-generation navigation satellite
Posted: Thu, Apr 2 10:14 AM ET (1414 GMT)
A Chinese Long March rocket placed a next-generation navigation satellite into orbit on Monday. The Long March 3C rocket lifted off from the Xichang...

Indian launches navigation satellite
Posted: Mon, Mar 30 8:24 AM ET (1224 GMT)
A PSLV rocket successfully launched the latest in a series of Indian navigation satellites on Saturday. The PSLV rocket lifted off from the Satish Dhawan...

Soyuz launches Galileo navigation satellites
Posted: Sat, Mar 28 7:55 AM ET (1155 GMT)
A Soyuz rocket successfully launched a pair of Galileo navigation satellites, the first launch of such spacecraft since two were placed in the wrong orbit...

New crew arrives at ISS
Posted: Sat, Mar 28 7:45 AM ET (1145 GMT)
Two Russians and one American arrived at the International Space Station Friday night, six hours after their launch from Kazakhstan. A Soyuz rocket lifted off...

Japan launches reconnaissance satellite
Posted: Fri, Mar 27 3:10 PM ET (1910 GMT)
An H-2A rocket launched the latest in a series of reconnaissance satellites for the Japanese government on Thursday. The H-2A lifted off from...

Dnepr launches South Korean satellite
Posted: Fri, Mar 27 2:50 PM ET (1850 GMT)
A Dnepr rocket successfully launched a South Korean remote sensing satellite on Thursday. The Dnepr lifted off from the Yasny Launch Base in Russia at...

Delta 4 launches GPS satellite
Posted: Thu, Mar 26 8:37 AM ET (1237 GMT)
A Delta 4 rocket successfully launched the latest GPS navigation satellite on Wednesday. The Delta 4 Medium-Plus (4,2) rocket lifted off from Cape...

NASA selections boulder option for ARM
Posted: Wed, Mar 25 8:51 PM ET (0051 GMT)
NASA announced Wednesday that it selected an option for its Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) that involves grabbing a boulder off the surface of a larger...

MAVEN detects unusual aurora, dust cloud
Posted: Sat, Mar 21 10:39 AM ET (1439 GMT)
NASA's MAVEN Mars orbiter has detected an dust cloud in the planet's upper atmosphere as well as an unusual aurora, scientists reported this...

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SpaceShipTwo reaches edge of space on latest test flight
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:38 PM ET (1738 GMT)

Russian cosmonauts perform arduous spacewalk to inspect Soyuz
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:36 PM ET (1736 GMT)

Voyager 2 enters interstellar space
Posted: Sun, Dec 16 12:35 PM ET (1735 GMT)

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