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Taurus launch declared failure, spacecraft feared lost
Posted: Fri, Sep 21 8:12 PM ET (0012 GMT)
A problem during the flight of a Taurus launch vehicle Friday afternoon has apparently led to the loss of its payload of two spacecraft. The...

Poor weather delays Kodiak Star launch
Posted: Fri, Sep 21 7:55 PM ET (2355 GMT)
Inclement weather conditions forced controllers Friday to delay for a day the launch of an Athena rocket carrying NASA and Defense Department satellites. The Athena...

News briefs: September 20
Posted: Fri, Sep 21 9:42 AM ET (1342 GMT)
The European Space Agency has started vibration testing of its Integral gamma-ray observatory, the agency announced this week. The tests are expected to be...

News briefs: September 19
Posted: Thu, Sep 20 12:33 AM ET (0433 GMT)
NASA is considering delaying or otherwise altering its schedule of future Mars missions, NASA Watch reported Wednesday. According to reports published on the site, the...

News briefs: September 18
Posted: Wed, Sep 19 12:19 AM ET (0419 GMT)
NASA's Deep Space 1 spacecraft is on track to make a flyby of Comet Borrelly Saturday evening, the space agency announced Tuesday. The spacecraft...

Mars Odyssey adjusts course
Posted: Tue, Sep 18 11:54 AM ET (1554 GMT)
NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft successfully adjusted its course towards the Red Planet early Monday, project officials announced. The spacecraft fired its thrusters for 12...

Pirs module docks with space station
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 11:40 PM ET (0340 GMT)
A new Russian docking and airlock module successfully docked with the International Space Station Sunday evening. The Piers (Russian for "pier") module docked at the...

Former military astronaut among victims of terrorist attack
Posted: Sun, Sep 16 2:01 PM ET (1801 GMT)
A retired Air Force officer who had trained to be an astronaut was among those killed Tuesday in the terrorist attacks on New York and...

Russia launches Pirs space station module
Posted: Sat, Sep 15 11:11 AM ET (1511 GMT)
A Russian Soyuz booster successfully launched a new docking module for the International Space Station Friday evening. The Soyuz lifted off from Baikonur, Kazakhstan at...

News briefs: September 13
Posted: Fri, Sep 14 12:39 AM ET (0439 GMT)
NASA administrator Dan Goldin addressed employees on Thursday in an effort to boost morale after the terrorist bombings in New York and Washington earlier this...

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Russia plans to resume crewed Soyuz launches in December
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 9:00 AM ET (1400 GMT)

China launches Beidou satellite
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 8:59 AM ET (1359 GMT)

Dawn mission declared over
Posted: Sun, Nov 4 8:58 AM ET (1358 GMT)

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Monday, November 12
Peter Beck on how Rocket Lab will make money
New Zealand Herald — 5:14 am ET (1014 GMT)

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